PITCO’s services in agriculture cover both depth and width of the sector. With a professional team of engineers, agronomists, and livestock and horticulture consultants, PITCO offer services from farm management to public sector policy dialogue at provincial & federal level. Our services help strengthen the capacity of stakeholders in horticulture and livestock value chains to increase sales to domestic and foreign markets for their produce and increase agricultural efficiency and productivity through adoption of new farming techniques and technological innovation. Our approach is based on scientific analysis of problem, stakeholder engagement and capacity building, and the use of innovative technologies and best practices—including monitoring and evaluation tools, grants management systems, and experience in public-private partnerships—to ensure local ownership and sustainable development long after a project is complete.


  • Energy & Resource Efficient Irrigation System Design
    • Surface Irrigation
    • Sprinkler Irrigation
    • Drip Irrigation
    • Furrow Irrigation
  • On Farm Preservation Technologies
  • Grain Storage and Preservation
  • Cold Chain Development
  • Land & Soil management
  • Geographic Information Systems
    • Geographic clustering
    • GIS Mapping
    • GIS Modeling (resource usage, cropping patterns, water table)
    • Geographic clustering
    • Precision agricultural mapping

Powering Agriculture

  • Biogas to Heat and Electricity
  • Solar Dryers
  • Solar Pumping Solutions
  • Agri-waste (biomass) to Energy
  • Micro-hydro Power Plants

Agriculture Processing

  • Fruit/vegetable Sorting and Grading Plant Design
  • Cold Storage Design
  • Dry Storage Design
  • Pulping Plant Design



Institutional Capacity Building

  • Business Process Mapping and Reengineering
  • Standards & Certifications
  • E-Solutions & Information Systems
  • Trainings & Capacity Building on
    • Horticulture Management Programs
    • Livestock & Dairy development Programs
    • Business Skills
    • Marketing & export-related skills
    • Financial management skills
    • Crop irrigation programs
    • Energy usage, efficiency and optimization programs
    • Supply-chain systems
    • Land use and soil management programs
    • Financial Management

Stakeholder Mobilization

  • Exhibitions/ Road Shows / Product Showcases
  • Focus Groups/World Cafes of Public and Private Sector Decision Makers
  • Farmer Enterprise Groups’ development
  • Social Entrepreneurial ecosystem development
  • Strengthening governance structures within Social Enterprises
  • Identification and development of sectoral clusters
  • Explore and manage synergies with Rural Support Programs
  • Creation of synergies among Farmer organizations, Dairy & livestock practitioners’ organizations, State and private universities and International development organizations



Policy Advocacy

  • Development of Framework Conditions for Policy Analysis
  • Review of International Best Practices
  • Development of Policy Instruments
    • Norms and standards
    • Economic instruments
    • Cooperation instruments
    • Research and education instruments
    • Information instruments
  • Conducting Policy Dialogue

Access to Finance

  • Business Case development and Risk Analysis
  • Development of Financial Instruments
  • Training of Financial Institutions