Key Deliverables:

Product Management & Process Improvement:
• Provide suggestions on what development processes the team should follow for the addition of new changes or enhancements in the existing modules.
• Initially improve current system and structure by installing new technology; contributing productivity, standards and system improvements.
• Update product by studying the state-of-the-art development tools, programming techniques and computing equipment.
• Identify the current communication medium of yieldWerx* teams and suggest best communication medium among cross functional teams.
• Setting trends in new technologies for storage architecture, capacity and response time.
• Provide suggestions on release management techniques.
• Identifies e-commerce trends by researching industry.
• Review the current marketing and stockholders strategy/planning and provide plan to achieve it.
• Verify the current strength of each module and provide suggestions for improvement.
Security & Software Product Licensing:
• Identify security breaches of the application/database and provide suggestions towards perfection.
• Identify issues with the current licensing model and provide suggestions for improvement.
System Analysis & Design:
• Identify user interfaces usability problems of the application modules/features and provide material to resources on how to overcome these issues.
• Provide suggestions to improve the existing documentations of the product.
• Highlight new areas/modules in which documentation is required.
• Demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, and clear code.
• Perform competitor’s analysis and provide suggestions on their features, user interfaces flows as well as end user’s needs.
Team Management:
• Provide suggestions on scheduling of tasks and deployment of resources on these tasks.
• Prepare performance bench-marking document for different modules and provide suggestions for their improvement.
• Provide suggestions on how to drive cross-functional teams to get deliverables done timely as well as achieve stockholders and sales expectations.
• Train each resource on how to become proficient in his own role
• Train and increase awareness in each resource on the complete life-cycle of the software product development and how to work on product development as compared to software project development.
Quality Management:
• Identify and fix loopholes in the current development and QA teams’ lifecycle
• Provide training to quality department for different testing strategies specially risk based testing to gain the confidence of the customers.
Risk Management
• Protect overall product by keeping information confidential (Reverse Engineering risk shall be eliminated).

Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • Minimum Becholer’s Degree in IT
  • Minimum 10 Years of experience in the software industry in multi-disciplinary roles e.g. Software Development, QA, Project Management/Product Management.

*A subsidiary of PITCO