Since 1938 PITCO has been a leader in the energy sector. We provide a range of products and services to our clients, which include Government Utilities, Independent Power Producers, Industrial Companies, Government and Semi-Government Organizations.


In 1947, after Pakistan won its independence, brothers Abdul Hamid Khan and Ghulam Mohammed immigrated to Pakistan. Both were already accomplished in commerce and industry. Abdul Hamid Khan had established a trading business in India in 1938, and Ghulam Muhammad was the founding partner of Mahindra & Mohammad, which later became Mahindra & Mahindra with his departure to Pakistan.

Abdul Hamid Khan established Pakistan Industrial Trading Corporation (PITCO) in 1947, to bring leading European industrial enterprises to Pakistan. PITCO was the first Pakistani business partner for many large names such as Siemens, KSB, Deutz, and Nobel. Ghulam Muhammad became Pakistan’s first Finance Minister and later Governor General in 1951.


Over the past 65 years, PITCO has been involved in the development of Pakistan’s power sector, and in providing high quality consulting services in the areas of Energy, Environment, Water & Infrastructure, Agriculture, Trade Related Technical Assistance, Institutional Capacity Building, GIS Mapping, and Information Technology. Our reputation is built on the quality and professionalism of our people, and our principles of integrity, fairness, and equality.

In addition to a permanent team of industry leaders, we maintain close long-term relationships with a network of Associates across the world who have proven technical skills and a commitment to excellence. We also build partnerships with organizations around the world, giving us access to a wide base of skills and experience.