Energy Services

Energy is one of the core strengths of PITCO Private Limited. PITCO provides economic and technical solutions to Pakistan’s rapidly expanding economy in general and energy sector in particular. The services we provide encompass the engineering, environmental, and financial aspects of the country’s power, renewable energy, and power sub-sectors. PITCO has long experience in the planning, design and implementation of energy solutions. Our team of energy specialists possesses expertise on the full spectrum of energy services and technologies including waste-to-energy, biomass, biogas, solar and CHP, energy sector reforms, utility performance improvement, conventional power generation, sustainable production & consumption, energy efficiency & resource recovery, engineering and plant design and other areas.We have worked with power sector regulatory authorities, electricity utilities & distribution companies, industries & industrial associations, and services sector organizations both public & private. Moreover, PITCO is also operating on fuel supply side, which includes Imported Steam Coal, Coking Coal, Met Coke & Pet Coke, Anthracites, PCI coal, and processing biomass to over 70 customers across Pakistan. A brief description of our energy services is provided below:

Energy Auditing

  • Action Plans for Energy Efficiency Improvement
  • Inventory and Measurement of Energy Use
  • Energy Performance Analysis and Benchmarking of
    • Electric Motors
    • Pumps
    • Compressed Air Systems
    • Steam System
    • Lighting System
    • Processing Heating and Cooling System
  • Energy Management System Design and Implementation
  • Customized Energy Auditing programs for
    • Thermal Power Plants
    • Cement Plants
    • Steel Mills
    • Sugar Mills
    • Fertilizer Plants
    • Food and Beverages Industries
    • Textile Mills
    • Chemical Plants
  • Cost Analysis of Energy Efficiency Improvement Opportunities
  • Energy Auditing using Calibrated Equipment
    • Power Quality Analyzer
    • Ultrasonic Flow Meter
    • Flue Gas Analyzer
    • Thermography Camera
    • Vibration Analyzer
    • Temperature Gun
  • End User Training &Capacity Building
  • Design & Development of Consumer Databases

Power Generation

  • Feasibility Studies for
    • Coal Fired Power Plants
    • Oil and Gas Power Plants
    • Hydro Power Plants
  • Technological partnerships and alliances with OEMs and EPC Contractors of
    • Coal Fired Power Plants
    • Waste Heat Recovery Systems
  • Tendering &Procurement Advisory
  • Owners Engineer’s Services
  • Advice and Technical Insight in Power Purchase Agreements



Power Generation through Renewable Sources

  • Consultancy for Feasibility Studies of
    • Solar PV and Thermal Power Plants
    • Wind Farms
  • Financial & Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Technological partnerships and alliances with OEMs and EPC Contractors of
    • Biomass Power Plants
    • Biogas Power Plant
    • Solar Thermal Power Plant
    • Solar PV Power Plant
  • Tendering & Procurement Advisory Services
  • Owners Engineer’s Services
  • Provision of Technical Advice and Insight in Power Purchase Agreements

Demand Side Management

  • Operational Process Assessments
  • Design & Implementation of DSM initiatives for
    • Agriculture
    • Industrial
    • Commercial, and Residential Sectors
  • Technology Implementation Advice
  • Monitoring of DSM Programs
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Consumer Awareness Raising



Institutional Capacity Building of Public Sector

  • Business Process Evaluation & Re-engineering
  • Market effect evaluations, including market potential studies
  • Impact evaluations: gross and net energy savings, demand savings, and non-energy benefits (e.g., economic impacts, job creation, water savings)
  • Cost-effectiveness evaluations
  • Operational Auditing of Regulatory Authorities & Utilities
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Development of Performance Benchmarks
  • Productivity Improvement Initiatives
  • Occupation Health and Safety
  • Governance & Control Mechanisms
  • Gender Equality
  • Policy Advice on Tariff Rationalization


Stakeholder Mobilization 1

Transmission / Distribution

  • Economic, technical, and environmental evaluations
  • Planning, feasibility, and analytical studies
  • Route planning and selection
  • Environmental studies and impact analysis
  • Licensing and permitting services and regulatory approvals
  • Conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design
  • Capital cost estimates
  • Material specification and procurement support
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Training and mentoring
  • Updating or development of operational and maintenance strategies and procedures
  • Asset management planning and implementation

Geographic Information Systems

  • Distribution System Mapping
  • Utility Asset Management
  • Distribution System Planning
  • Consumer Tracking
  • Outage Management
  • O&M monitoring
  • Site Suitability Analysis
  • Creation / Maintenance of Geospatial Database
  • Spatial Analysis and Modeling
  • GIS Application Development



Energy Modeling

  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Development of
    • Load Duration Curve
    • Load Factor
    • System Load Profile
    • Consumer Load Profile
  • Identification of Load Coincidence Factor
  • Analysis of Load Profiles
  • Development of DSM Programs



Information Technology

  • Business Analytics & Intelligence
  • Energy Data Management
  • Business Performance Management& Benchmarking
  • Online Analytical Data Processing
  • Data Mining & Warehousing